16 good examples of why women live longer than men

It is no secret that women have a significantly longer life expectancy than men. We have no difficulty in understanding that after seeing these images:

1. Must wear a helmet yes:


2. A little break there:


3. Bang?:


4. Death occurs in 3…2…1:

This is why women live longer than men : funny

5. It shouldn’t have been possible?

This is why women live longer than men : funny

6. Cause of death: Changing the light bulb:

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men? – The Muslim Times

7. Cause of death: Collective idiocy:


8. Men and their cars. Takes many lives every year:

This is why women live longer than men.

9. That’s it. Genius:

This is Why Women Live Longer than Men

10. Man at work there. Bye bye:

Why women live longer than men - ForFun

11. May seem like they want to die, but no. They think they’re having a good time.

Top 7 Hilarious Reason Why Men Live Shorter Life than Women...

12. Should only feed the crocodiles a little:

Why Men Live Shorter Life's Than Women Pic's Included - Nairaland ...

13th Such yes:

15 hilarious photos that show why men live shorter lives than women

14. When a sofa kills you:

10+ dôvodov, prečo ženy žijú dlhšie ako muži | TOPdesať - Wikipedia

15: Play a little then. Or die:


16. Electrician:


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