26 influensere som på verst mulig måte manipulerte Instagram-bildene sine

Man har vel sette det flere ganger. Selvdyrkende influensere som i jakten på flere likes, kommentarer og anerkjennelse manipulerer bildene sine for å se bedre ut. Det blir som regel bare feil, men disse eksemplene bør være noe av det verste som er der ute:

  1. Reptilians Are Back
  2. Left Is From Her Instagram, Right Is From A Video
  3. Samme type (Venstre bilde er profilbildet hans):
    Same Guy.. Left Is His Pfp
  4. Don't You Hate It When Your Pecs Grow Over Your Pendant?
  5. Twitter Thirst Trap Got That Grinch Fingers
  6. He Must Use Wite-Out Instead Of Toothpaste
  7. What Did She Even Try To Do With The Edits?
  8. Who Needs Organs Anyway
  9. As Someone Who Does This For A Living This Might Be Taking It A Bit Too Far.
  10. Interview vs. Photo Posted On Her Instagram
  11. I Just Don't Understand..
  12. Hmmmmmmmmm
  13. What She Posts vs. Her Live Stream
  14. His Instagram vs. TV Screenshot
  15. Paparazzi Photo vs. Selfie
  16. What She Posted vs. What The Show Posted
  17. Lmao This Has Got To Stop
  18. What The Actual Fu-
  19. These Guys Can Do Some Magic!
  20. I'm Not To Sure About This One
  21. Real Jawbone vs. Facetuned
  22. This Person Photoshops Weird Fake Faces On Other People’s Pictures And Pretends It’s Theirs. Part 3
  23. I Have No Words
  24. TV Personality In My Country, She Always Posts Stuff Like This. And All 3 Pictures Are Under The Same Post Too
  25. All Her Pics Are Like This....
  26. She Posted Both Those Selfies , The One To The Left Is The Kinda One She Posts Almost Daily... What's The Point, It Ain't Even You Anymore

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