BREAKING NEWS: Huge amounts of Corona virus found in bacon

New interesting findings have now been made in search of new answers associated with the Corona virus. It may look like the Corona virus lives in large colonies of bacon. “This could mean that Corona originally occurs in pork. And we should not disregard the fact that all meat contains Corona” says researcher, doctor and spokesperson for the world’s vegan federation Lars Brokkoli Kålrud to eAvisa

No one has to eat bacon
The scientist who runs his own research park in the basement of his grandparents says that bacon seems to be the origin of Corona. “Yes it may look like Corona is multiplying in bacon at a staggering speed. Therefore, no one should eat bacon” he says. The scientist believes the same applies to all meat. “Don’t eat Corona, don’t eat meat,”he says as he raises his fist and tightens his lower lip. He is clearly engaged and angry as most vegans are

Haven’t had Corona
The self-appointed researcher points out that so far, there have been no reports of a single vegan who has had Corona. “That’s what it goes on. Meat is why we’ve got this pandemic. Now we have to stop eating meat or you die.” he says. Suddenly Lars has to finish the interview when his grandmother shouts that it’s dinner. “I have to have dinner, my grandmother shouts” concludes Lars Brokkoli Kålrud before running up the stairs. He stumbles. Hit your nose in the stairs so it breaks. The blood squirts and the grandmother screams and carries herself. “Yes yes now it’s almost Christmas” says grandfather

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