What do you think? Is this joke way over the edge?

When using public toilets, people are generally assumed to be discreet and do not use toys for adults. This prank, on the other hand, has no limits. How had you reacted?

The world’s worst tattoos. It should not have been possible

You won't believe what people are doing tattooing on their bodies! We can't understand anything other than that some of these have to regret what they've got into their skin for all the future. "On the bad taste, good people should...

ATTENTION: Strong scenes! The most dangerous and painful weightlifter blunders of all time

I'll never start with a turn! Gymnastics is usually a graceful and beautiful sport. Sometimes, however, gymnastics is one of the most painful and fun things you can look at. These misforeins probably wish they were betting on something else...

How to turn old dolls into cozy lamps on your kids’ bedside tables

You can say a lot about parenting, but if for some reason you buy any of these lamps for your little boy or girl then you're probably not the best mother or father in the world: 1. 2. 3. 4....

The world’s most DISGUSTING and NASTY family photos. This is bad

How can they take such pictures? A family photo should usually be a pleasant and somewhat formal contribution to having a memory for life. These, on the other hand, create family portraits that should never really be made! 1. Why... just...

CRUEL CHALLENGE: Can you look at all the pictures without vomiting?

NOTE: VERY NASTY PICTURES! Okay, then after countless warnings in both headline and inside the case you have chosen to take a look at these images that are guaranteed to create a reaction. Sit down well and do everything you...

LATEST TREND! Now it’s sexy with clothes that accentuate the lower abdomen!

Tight pants are super sexy says expert! The Nordic region's great fashion and trend expert Vivian V. Vallevold has long researched upcoming trends and fashion phenomena and has always been right. Now she recommends Norwegian fashion-proven boys and girls to...


Skaff deg årets mest dirty julekalender før det går helt tomt!

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Skaff deg årets mest dirty julekalender før det går helt tomt!
Skaff deg årets mest dirty julekalender før det går helt tomt!