18 sneaky cats caught stealing food

Unlike dogs, cats are a little more independent. They care a little more about themselves than the owner and they take greater responsibility for obtaining their own food. Even if this means they have to steal. Here are 17 cats caught while stealing food:

  1. Cookie Thief
  2. In Regret Nothing!
  3. Stealing From A Child
  4. Disguised Thief
  5. Determined Kitty
  6. Kitty And His Prey
  7. Sausage Burglar
  8. Chicken Thief
  9. Stealing The Leftover Pizza
  10. Thief Caught In Action
  11. Tasting Starbucks
  12. Trying To Get To That Cheese
  13. Cute Sandwitch Burglar
  14. Trying To Reach That Sandwitch
  15. Ice-Cream Burglars
  16. Cupcake Thief
  17. Cat Thieves Caught In The Act | Cute Animals, Animals, Dog gifs
  18. Cat Thieves Caught In The Act

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