BREAKING NEWS: Man locked up in cabin with family. Sees no other solution than drinking

There are communal holidays in Norway and the vast majority of us traverse in the mountains, drive around gudbrandsdalen or pretend to thrive in tents while it rains. However, a man in his 50s is locked up with a number of family members at a cottage in Lom and sees no other solution to the situation than drinking alcohol throughout the day

Sleeping and drinking
The man who has 3 children of his own and 3 stepchildren with his new girlfriend has since arrived 4 days ago mostly been the little breeze. “Yes I wouldn’t have managed these days without the alcohol. That way, the alcohol is my very best friend this holiday” he says while mixing a drink.” 50/50 Gin and Martini”smiling family father. He tells eAvisa that his solution to surviving a family holiday is to drink as much alcohol as possible and sleep as much as possible

Starting early in the morning
The man who works daily on fish pudding tells him that he starts the day with a drink before getting up. “Yes it has to be, then I can manage the breakfast where it’s mostly bickering and screaming”he says. Further out through the day, the children argue, the boyfriend cries a little and in the middle of it all calling the man’s former ex-wife and telling him she hates him. “Yes yes, this is how the day goes”concludes the good breezes man

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