Eva (23 years) had lost faith in true love, but then she met heart-sick Birger (82 years)

Love comes in many colors and shapes. For Eva Louise, it’s been hard to hit the right one. She’s been dating for years, but she never found what she was looking for. “A lot of men out there give the impression of being something they’re not or having more money than they have,”she says. Now, however, she has, after a long hunt found the great love

Fell for Birger in the hospital
Eva says she wanted to try new places to meet men. Therefore, she went to the cardiac ward of the exclusive hospital Amaronia in Bærum. Here, only heart patients can afford the best and most expensive treatment you can find. “I went and looked a little and the moment I saw Birger in the hospital bed I realized that he was the great love,” smiles a clearly in love Eva

Birger is also in love
When eAvisa visits the in-price couple, Birger doesn’t say much. “He’s tired so he has to save on the powers of the wedding night,”says Eva. She’s arranged it so they’re getting married already tonight. “Yes it will be nice. Birger’s family is on their way by car to the hospital, but won’t be here until early morning. It gives us time for all the paperwork that, after all, needs to be done. I’m sure they’ll be happy to see how in love we are and that we’re going to get married.” says Eva. ” Birger is really in love, he has said that,” says Eva convincingly

“Nevergive up the great love, see only how I succeeded in the end” concludes Eva while Birger is served porridge and a large glass of household juice

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