Is it okay to shop for food in your panties in the summer? YES says these 26 people

Congratulations! You’re officially insane.

Luckily, you mostly meet well-dressed people when you are shopping at the grocery store. Sometimes, however, shopping can become an aesthetic ordeal. Because now the summer is coming and then there are some who don’t realize that we don’t want butt balls in the food.

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This is not for delicate souls: here are some people who couldn’t give more F**N in what others feel and mean.

Either that, or it’s more than just bad judgment that appears here!

See only here:


2: Diaper pants and little girl skirts

It’s a little special, isn’t it?

3: This is not thights.

This is pantyhose, Mom!

4: This is even more “illegal”

… because it’s YELLOW!

5: Then you almost get to try and don’t bend…

6: Same applies here really!

7: An entire panty must at least be the losing requirement

… from the public

8: Maybe you call it shorts?

We call it panty!

9: Yes! Same here, really…

10: Better, but … No!

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