POLICE WARN: More and more mothers-in-law are locked in hot cars.

Mothers-in-law are forgotten in hot cars!

Police report that in May there was a sharp increase in the number of incidents where the police emergency response team had to out smash car routes because a mother-in-law was locked in hot cars. “Wesee that there is constant locking up in mothers-in-law in hot cars”says Police Chief Bastian B. Olle.

Sitting in the car screaming
He explains that there is a high risk associated with such a rescue; “The mothers-in-law we lock out are usually furious and both yell and act manipulatively”says the commissioner. He says he has a full understanding of the men who lock these ladies in, but reminds me that mothers-in-law are also human beings. “Here it is important that the men swallow camels before lives are lost” he says

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Locked in locked for 2 hours: Ruth Vigdis Bakkerud was locked up for more than two hours after her son-in-law “forgot” that she was sitting in the back of the car. “Mistakes like this happen then,” says his son-in-law smiling. “This is something I’ll never forget” says Ruth, who is relatively open about her being in a passive-aggressive war with her son-in-law

Ikea’s parking lot
On Saturday morning, the police department had to move out to Ikea at Slependen a whopping 18 times. “Here we smashed the squares and helped mothers-in-law into the fresh air. In most cases, it turns out that it was the son-in-law who had unfortunately forgotten that the mother-in-law was in the back seat” he says. Now he encourages anyone planning a summer holiday with his mother-in-law to think about it. “We see that divorces and domestic disturbances increase significantly when couples have had or have visits by the mother-in-law on the mother’s side”says the concerned policeman. His advice is to drive his mother-in-law into the woods so they have to go home. “That way there is little chance that they will return another time”he recommends

The mother-in-law’s association cannot comment on any specific matters, but says they generally advise their members to create as much discord and unease as possible between their daughter and her boyfriend.

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