RESEARCH: Study shows that those who are now on holiday abroad are selfish

At the Norwegian Centre for Interpersonal Relations, they have studied all of the Norwegians who ignore all advice to stay home this summer. “We see that all of those who are now holidaying in Spain, Italy or other European countries are simply extremely large egotists” says researcher and Norwegian holiday doctor Tor-Åse Bommelomm to eAvisa

I don’t get it.
The study also shows that those who now enjoy themselves on the seam are relatively unintelligent. “Yes we see a clear connection in the study between stupidity and those who are now on holiday abroad” says the renowned researcher. Many of those who are now holidaying in, for example, Spain, may risk taking home contagion and then killing someone who stayed at home,” he continues. None of the holidaymakers seem to care about it. “No it’s the result of selfishness and stupidity” says the researcher

Everyone’s going to die.
a family from Lillehammer is right now in Spain. eAvisa has asked if they feel guilty or ashamed that they are on holiday abroad and risk killing someone when they return home. “Ha ha ha, no you know what, such hysteria. We are here every year we and this year we came down all too late. We’re having a good time. We’re all going to die sooner or later,” says the woman who wishes to remain anonymous for the sake of her being stupid and selfish. “People pick up so much on us egotists so I don’t bother” says the lady named Eva Egolia Egost, is 46 years old and lives in Egoistbakken 666 in Lillehammer

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