“Road trip in Norway is not a holiday” says 3-year-old mother who has been sitting 4 days in the car

Summer is underway and there are many of us who now have summer holidays. Because of the Coronavirus, many holiday plans have changed this year. Those who looked forward to beaches, palm trees and pool cuddles have had to settle for Norway as a holiday country. “Doesn’t work at all. Road trip in Norway is by no means holiday” says a 3-child mother who has been sitting in the car with her family for the first 4 days of vacation in full rain

A little snow too
The mother says the so-called holiday has only been a vicious test of how strong her relationship with her husband and children is. “When the only opportunity you have is to sit in the car with the whole family in pursuit of nice weather then it goes for itself that the thought of leaving the whole family is incredibly tempting,” says the woman who is currently stuck on a mountain pass. “Yes it was going to snow a little too on this summer holiday”says her mother sarcastically

Never again a road trip in Norway
One thing is at least certain; I’m never going on a road trip in Norway again. I simply don’t want that. It’s that simple.” she says. The man sitting next to says nothing. He has been quiet for the last 24 hours and has to concentrate on driving as it rains extremely much. “Yes it’s dangerous, we don’t see anything, but right now it feels fine if we crash and go into a coma the whole gang,”her mother concludes.

PS: The kids are doing well in the back seat. They have unlimited data and notice nothing to the murderous mood of the front seat

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