Woman who thinks she ‘just says it like it is’ is really just a real bitch

A woman who weekly is in conflict at work, in the store or with friends who will not be friends with her anymore thinks she is an honest son. “Ijust say it like I am,”she says. Now it turns out that the woman is neither honest nor just saying it as it is. The woman is neither more nor less a really bad person

Lacking self-awareness
The woman who completely lacks self-awareness tells eAvisa that everyone knows her as a person who “an honest person who is not afraid to speak up”. This is not true. eAvisa has spoken to everyone in the woman’s immediate circle and everyone agrees that the woman is just a bitch. “A conflict maker, someone who always argues with someone or someone you don’t want to share a night watch with” are the most common phrases about the woman

Everyone else is stupid.
The woman herself is keen to tell about anyone who is stupid or naughty. “At work, there are more people who shouldn’t be there, but I’m telling you. I’ll tell you what it is. Calling a shovel a shovel” says the woman with an aggressive attitude. “Now you have to sharpen up, I’m not fucking aggressive,”the woman screams, telling her to report to the EAvisa for silly news. “You are the worst news site in the world,”she says, adding; “Yes I’m just saying it like I am, get out.”

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