“I may well die as long as you get a holiday in Spain I” says Birger (89 years)

Birger Bøtte Vom from Voldstad is tired of everyone criticizing the egotists who go on holiday to Spain even if you are in the middle of a pandemic. “I’ve lived for many years, it doesn’t matter that I get Corona and die as a result of Laila at 33 years old getting a week in Spain”says the sympathetic old man

Counting on die
Birger has lived for many years and has experienced most of it. He is not surprised that many people choose to go on holiday even if they can then potentially make sure someone dies. “No, I’ve seen it before. There are a number of people who always put themselves before everyone else. That’s simply how we humans are. he says. He expects to die by 2020 by Corona as one of the egotists pulled back from his relaxing holiday

Has lots of diseases
Since the Corona virus is most devastating for the elderly and those with underlying diseases, it is only a matter of time before Birger dies of Corona. “Yes now I saw that there were 160 people who just made it home so they don’t have to quarantine. These are going to be right out in society to infect others so there’s probably my destiny.” concludes Birger

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