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About eAvisa – Norway’s greatest humour and satire newspaper

Since its inception in 2014, Eavisa has consolidated its position as Norway’s most visited humor and satire website. The site is one of several humor and entertainment websites operated by Digital Consult AS.

eAvisa has about 800,000 visits each month.
eAvisa is an entertainment site focusing on satire and humor. The site is intended only and written to entertain as well as put satirical and ironic angles on socially critical matters. No «news» or pictures should be taken literally or seriously. Sometimes, however, reality is even more insane than what we manage to come up with nonsense, spray and certain-wade! These articles are labeled «Amazing, but true»
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Quickly about us:

  • Stable traffic figures with over 800,000 readers each month (Google analytics figures)
  • We create viral successes for our advertisers and are every week on the top lists of Norway’s most shared issues
  • We use humor as a tool for debate, sharing and social media engagement
  • All content is within Norwegian rules, but often «on-edge-humor» (As humor should be)
  • We offer our advertisers article marketing, banner views and text links, as well as campaigns aimed at our 450,000 followers on Facebook.

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On eAvisa we respect the copyright and all films are played on external servers with open sharing capabilities (e.g. YouTube) and we therefore conclude that the origin/source wants film and image further distributed. If you find a photo or movie you have rights to and wish this removed or miss the source reference please send us an email to

We primarily retrieve images from Google’s free image service for commercial reuse