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Eavisa is norway’s largest humor and satire site with over 800,000 readers every month. We are constantly searching for fun writer talents and have therefore opened up for everyone to try it. Want to create funny photo series or write a funny article that can potentially be read by many thousands of people? Of course, you’ll get your name on the article and will receive everything from cash prizes to other useful prizes if your case is doing well.

If your case becomes a «viral hit» and gets many readers we reach out for compensation, but first and foremost this is an opportunity for those who dream of being able to create fun entertainment to realize this dream.

All you have to do to become Norway’s new great humor writer is to create an account and get started. The case is reviewed by the editorial board within hours and then published on Eavisa.

So make a name for yourself by writing funny articles and sharing them on Facebook. We welcome you as a writer!

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